BPS International provides years of experience in the field of system integration, appropriate practical knowledge and set-up business processes.  

BPS International is one of the pioneers for the BIM 360° approach in Building Information Modelling.  

Business, based on IT Knowledge and Experience through the years:


  • Network System Integration


  • RE Development, Design, Construction, Maintenance, over 80,000m2 built and managed


  • BIM 360° research, development and implementation - IDEA/Design/Construction/FM

Was ist BIM

Building Information Modeling — object based pre-construction process of creating Virtual Digital Buildings or infrastructural Objects, being then a 100% prototypes for the future Real Objects and uniting information about their shape, structure, construction, materials, systems, parts, components, jobs, processes etc.

Created Model serves as an original object Data Bank through the whole object life cycle – idea -> design -> construction -> maintenance -> further reconstructions, renovations and till the demolition.

Real estate design, construction and maintenance become IT based, vertically integrated, high technology industry.

BPS International is one of the pioneers for the BIM 360° approach in Building Information Modelling.

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The BIM-methodology fundamentally differs from the traditional design processes. Drawings are necessary for construction only, but our design team builds an original Virtual Building first.

BIM is a 100% Information Technology, and BIM-software (CADs, 4-5D simulation, data analyze, etc.) is a tool for system Integration of jobs, processes, objects and materials into the Virtual RE object.

Die BIM-Methodik unterscheidet sich grundlegend von den traditionellen Designprozessen. Zeichnungen sind nur für den Bau erforderlich, aber unser Designteam baut zunächst ein Gebäudemodell – komplet virtuell.

Mission and values

Mission - subtitle

People and technologies are changing the world. BPS Group changes common business processes by implementation of innovative technologies to make them efficient.

Creating a business from pure ideas is not only the purpose but also the passion of our team. Being active, open for new ideas and agile in our development, BPS International applies innovation in the following sectors: Architecture & Design, Construction, Facility Management, Communication & Collaboration.


BIM is like a Sailing boat that can only be controlled by someone with sufficient practical experience and a good understanding of methodology. And between the teams, experienced team, hardened to overcome difficulties, is stronger, than others!